Quick tips by Gergana Markova PhD.

Quick tips to resolve behavioral issues in children
Tantrums, meltdowns, whining
Train the child in practical skills and entrust them with responsibilities. Demonstrate you have faith in the. Present them with choices safe for their age with more than two options.
Bedtime struggles
Remember, sleep rituals begin 2 hours prior to bedtime – dinner, bath time, reading with them. Do not offer screens, use soft stimuli, low lighting and quiet music.
Eating struggles
Implement a clear routine and avoid screens during feeding. Organize at least one eating activity with the whole family every day.
Potty training
Start with skill training – undressing, putting shoes on and and taking them off. Show them where the toilet it or the potty and explain how everything is used. Explain the physiological process in an understandable way by using the real terms of the body parts and not jargon.
Sibling rivalry

Give up the Judge role and be more of a mediator.

Interpret one child’s experience in a way easy to understand for the other child and give them space to resolve their own conflicts.

Daycare adaptation

Accept that adaptation periods are inherently individually specific. Do not present kindergarten as always a happy place and support the child in the negative experiences by giving space to them expressing their emotions.

School performance issues
Provide active movement opportunities – sport is always a good solution. Plan time for regular nature walks. Musical education also helps.
Attention issues
Start giving short, clear instructions and then give plenty of time for execution. Again – sport, music and activities that provide rhythmic stimulation always help.