Relationship Bridge | Program for harmonious communication with the child

A program of 10 individual meetings

Sometimes there are many changes in the life of a family and parents go through a carousel of questions and difficulties.
At some point it seems as if communicating with the child is impossible, pointless, and they can’t think of anything else but to let him or her “do whatever it is they do”.
Защо детето не ме слуша и не общува с мен
Despair, anxiety and a sense of powerlessness have taken over their minds with the questions:
  • Where did I go wrong and how did I get here?
  • Is it my fault that my child behaves like this?
  • Is there a second chance for our relationship?
  • Why doesn’t my child communicate with me, hear me and listen to me?
    And many others …..

The good news is that it’s never too late for a fresh start! With the right steps, persistence, consistency and individual guidance, you can enjoy parenting confidence again.

What you will learn during the program:

The situations may be different, but there is one thing in common – the children need us to build a bridge with them through which we can connect through communication.

You will answer the following questions:

  • What is behind my child’s behavior?
  • What need provokes this behavior and how can I respond to it in a healthy way?
  • Is this behavior normal for the age and how can I help my child get through this phase?

After the program ends:

  • You will have a more relaxed, confident, productive relationship with your children.
  • You will easily find solutions to new situations/difficulties that arise over the years.
  • You will have a better organization of daily life, because your children’s tantrums, refusals, oppositional behavior will have decreased or stopped. 
  • You will feel comfortable as a parent without having to manipulate, threaten or bribe your child.
  • You will recognize the call for attention and the power struggle, and you will know how not to enter a vicious circle. Instead, you will resolve difficult situations in a constructive way. 
  • You’ll know how to take care of yourself even if you don’t have extra time for it. 
Duration of the session
60 minutes
/10 sessions over 3 months/
The consultation is suitable for parents with children aged

0 to 14 years

Price of 10 individual meetings:
When paying in one installment:
1 350.00 BHN
In case of deferred payment:
3 х 500.00 BGN