Child Development Program

Child Development Program

A holistic approach to diagnosis and support of psycho-emotional, neuro-motor and language-speech development

Different, but still worthed.

програма за интегриране на първични рефлекси при деца
Every child is unique in nature, and we as adults can help them develop their potential by accepting their essence as it IS. 
I have created my own method in which I combine various techniques and principles to help develop your child’s full potential and help improve the family atmosphere through practical guidelines for effective communication. The approach combines the best of the Individual psychology, neuroscience and speech therapy in one holistic programme. 

This program is recommended in the following situations where your child shows:

Детето ви е в ранна детска възраст (0 до 3 години) и :
Daily difficulties:
  • Difficulties with falling asleep, feeding, eating.

  • Allergies, skin irritations and frequent illnesses.

  • Frequent nightmares and/or bed wetting.

  • Fails to participate in kindergarten activities, although you see no reason for this.

  • Speech difficulties or speech delay. 

дете с агресивно поведение
Behavioral and emotional challenges:
  • Shows aggressive behavior at first glance – often hits, bites, pushes, kicks.

  • Often falls and bumps, moves clumsily or lacks proper muscle tone.

  • Seems hyperactive.

  • Eating and sleeping issues.

  • Anxiety, worry or excessive temper and frequent tantrums.

хиперактивност и напикаване през ноща
Development Concern: 
  • You have doubts about the presence of a developmental disorder.
  • You already know that there is a developmental disorder (autism spectrum, hyperactivity, genetic abnormality, etc.)
  • The child has learning difficulties.
  • They miss important stages of their development (prone/supine, turning over, crawling, sitting).
  • There is a delay in walking and/or talking.

What you get from the consultation with me:

Консултация с Д-р Маркова
               Work with the parents and the child in a team, for two months


  • The first step is a consultation with the parents and the child together – assessment of the child in neurological, psycho-social and language-speech aspects and the dynamics in the family. 

  • Second step – creating of an individual program with a focus on the specific challenges and needs of the child.

  • Third step – implementation and practice of the new protocols and rules by both parents as a couple and in a team with the child over two months accompanied by support- twice a month by phone or video 

How the program helps your child and family:

During our consultation, I observe and apply a wide range of methods to assess the language-speech, psycho-emotional and neuro-motor development level of the child, including testing primary and postural reflexes, observing speech and diction in communication, in sync with the emotional development and social adaptation.
The program is holistic, as the body acts as one with the mind and both are inseparably united and one cannot do without the other:
– Stimulating the construction of neural connections for fine and general motor skills, static and mobile balance, concentration and absorption of information, social and conscious behavior, correct posture and healthy muscles.
– Development of the child’s senses and self-awareness as a prevention for phobias, allergies, malice, nightmares, stuttering, hypersensitivity, asociality, etc.
-Simplification and relief of everyday life, independence of the child and stimulation of full communication between parents and child.
Session duration for one consultation
90 minutes
The consultation is suitable for parents with children aged from

0 to 14 years

Price of the individual consultation:

BGN 300.00