My Team

Екип Д-р Гергана Маркова
Марина Титева - Психолог


My name is Marina, a psychologist, neuro-motor specialist, RMTI consultant and RMTI Basics instructor. 

I am part of Dr. Markova’s team since 2015.

I graduated with a BA in Psychology at Veliko Tarnovo University “St.

St. Cyril and Methodius” in 2014. 

In 2015, I gave birth to my first son. It was pregnancy and motherhood that met me with Gergana and I started my professional journey and building thanks to meeting and working with her. 

I started leading classes for babies and children with a neuro-motor focus, and over time I also started participating in Dr. Markova’s special program for nursery school adaptation for children up to 3 years old. 

Working in these groups directed my interest in individual psychology and democratic education, and at the moment I continue to form, train and improve as a specialist in this paradigm. 

Seeing the main challenges that I and the parents I face in our daily lives, I wanted to continue my education so that I could be useful. 

Thus, after the birth of my second son, I completed a master’s degree in

Counseling in the socio-educational field at Thrace University in 2020. 

From 2022 I am an RMTi certified consultant and RMTI Basics instructor.

I have always strived to learn and use modern and working methods in my work,

which include play, movement, and most importantly – a respectful attitude towards

the child and their family, as well as a holistic understanding of the child experience. 

For this reason, I am trained in various seminars and courses: I have passed levels in the neuro-motor program Rhythmic Movement International, I have a psychodrama assistant-therapist certificate at the Bernhard Achterberg Institute for Psychodrama, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, various day seminars by Days of Individual Psychology, Psychodramatic techniques for working

with children, Art therapy techniques for working with children, courses on

psychomotor practices and others.

I believe that every child is good and has the inherent potential to be independent,

coping, confident and responsible. 

I also believe that it is the social environment that can turn this potential into reality. I myself receive unreserved support from Gerry as my mentor, a specialist in whom I have full confidence, and over the years we have also become very good friends too. 

In my work, I would like to be able to encourage the same courage and confidence in other parents that she has instilled in me as a mother over time.

Цветина Динова Невро-мотерен специалист


My name is Tzvetina,

I am trained in neuro-motor development, graduated in occupational therapy course,

psycho-motorics, kinesiology, consultant and instructor in Rhythmic Movement

Training International (RMTI). 

My passion for the development, movement and functions of the brain and body prompted me to look for modern preventive practices and activities supporting the development of children in the most sensitive stage of their lives – 0 to 7 years of age. 

I also have a great interest in methods that help us train our nervous system to deal with stress and

react in a different ways than our usual habits. 

My curiosity about the subject from a young age found its expression in numerous studies and specializations.

My main educationis  in management, business and social responsibility helped me to appreciate and learn about the other side of working with children and parents, namely the administrative, legal and financial aspects inherent in any initiative.

Ever since I met Dr. Markova, my life has changed, finding in her a like-minded person in innovative approaches and perspective on life. Thanks to her, I became interested in individual psychology and democratic education, providing  answers I had been looking for for a long time. 

Thanks to these holistic approaches, in recent years I myself have gone through training and exciting practices. 

The biggest lessons I learned through my motherhood, after which I began to enjoy a relaxed parenting.

From 2012 to today, together with Dr. Markova, we have developed numerous strategies, projects and trainings for the prevention and harmonious development of many children. 

Our common cause is to share experience and knowledge, proven modern practices and methods to be a tool in the hands of parents to support the correct and useful development of children. 

Our main mission is support for conscious and happy parenting, as well as encouraged and valued children.

Currently, our efforts are focused on the Bobche Topche Academy for Early Childhood Development and Kindergartens in Sofia and Stara Zagora, individual consultations for the development of children and adults, training for parents and the creation of new formats for supporting parents and better awareness.