My Story

Hello! My name is Gergana Markova.

For twenty years, between 2000-2020 I was a professor of Special education at Thrace University, Faculty of Pedagogy and Medicine. I gained my Ph.D. in Special Education in 2013, while I was pregnant with our child. I had more than 12 years of practice as a speech therapist and special education teacher, and I had passed numerous qualifications both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The difficulties I faced as a mother surprised me. I thought that taking care of the baby would happen naturally. Instead, I soon found out that I had no idea what to do exactly. My son’s needs were relentless, especially since I mistakenly believed I needed to respond and entertain him every waking moment. He sometimes cried for no apparent reason. This was confusing and made me feel insecure and anxious. I took to parenting books, and re-read them several times, but found it difficult to apply them in practise. Every day I was wondering if everything was okay with my baby, whether I was wrong in the things I considered right and wrong…. I was deeply disappointed in myself, at times lost, confused and broken.


I started looking for information. As a speech therapist, I knew how important movement is after the birth of the child, but I did not know how to be useful and adequate to his needs.

I started taking early childhood development classes with a neuromotor approach and was pleasantly surprised with the first class – I put my son on his back on the floor, and he went on to do things by himself for quite some time. Coincidentally or not, this search led me to  undertake yet more learning. 

Since then I completed primal reflexes evaluation qualifications and brain imbalances evaluation training with the American neurologist Dr. Robert Melillo personally. I am also certified in the Rhythmic movement sensorimotor program created in Sweden, as well as Gymbaroo Australia, for brain neurodevelopment through specific neuromotor movement protocols. I have undergone training in transcranial electrical stimulation to restore functionality to brain speech  centers in children and neurolinguistic motivational play.

Françoise Dolto and Miriam Seger are my gurus. The philosophy of respecting babies, and seeing them as individuals from their very first breath revolutionized my understanding and kept me seeking more. Life introduced me to the Bulgarian Society of Individual Psychology and Alfred Adler so my need and interest in being a better mother evolved a passion to be even more useful to other parents and children. I wanted to learn all I could from Adler’s school of Individual psychology. The respectful attitude that the school considers and implements elevates self-confidence and independence of the child’s psyche – characteristics that I have struggled with myself for many years.


To learn more, I enrolled in professional training at the Adler Institute Israel. Initially I had no intention of teaching parenting classes. The more I learned, however, the more A. Adler and R. Dreikurs’ philosophy became fascinating. For the first time in my life, I felt I was on my own path and had found my calling. I continued my studies, became a certified parents mentor by the Adler Institute Israel, and underwent several trainings in the field of individual psychology by leading international institutes and specialists. Unexpectedly for me, I discovered that what I love most is indeed the process of working and learning with parents.

As a professor I published 4 books: Communication with children on the autism spectrum; Specifics of communication in children with hearing and complex disorders; Reading and comprehension of a read text for students with SEN, Sensory and combined disorders. 

I hope that the next book to help parents will be a fact soon.

In 2015, I founded the Bobche Topche Early Childhood Development Academy in Stara Zagora and Sofia, and in 2018 – the Bobche Topche nursery school and the Adler Institute Bulgaria.

My husband and I have an 8 year old son. I often recognize in his eyes the benefits of all my training. When I’m not spending time with my family and our dog, I’m teaching, writing, sharing the wisdom gleaned from all my teachers. You can often see me walking around floating and dreaming, exercising, or laughing and having fun with friends, and I love the sea and the beach the most.

I am a supporter of the holistic approach to child development. I believe that every practise in early childhood development programs has its advantages, but often the best effect is achieved when a fusion of methods, techniques, approaches and knowledge is applied. The methods and practices of individual psychology are the basis of my approach to parent counseling, specialist training and education of children in all my centers and nursery schools. I am genuinely excited about sharing my experience, both as a professional and parent.

Parenting is definitely the most difficult and rewarding job I’ve ever had and that is what brought me even more joy when helping other parents. I hope these adventures and whatever wisdom I’ve gained along the way, will help you too.